Kitchen and House Pack

Children can act out family roles with all these home essentials using a kitchen and house playset for kids.

Bring a love of playing house to life! Child will go gaga over these realistic couches and kitchen tools, all in child-sizes! Work on role playing and communicating wants and needs when cooking and serving pretend food (accessories not included) to friends. A colorful table and chairs for 4 kids adds a bright addition to any child care centers or school, great for extra seating if needed.

Working as a unit to "host" friends, strengthening social skills through conversation as well as dramatic play when pretending to be a role within a family. Use core strength to reach objects in the kitchen, further developing gross motor development as they cook up a good time!

Content may vary. Set includes 83 pieces.

Pack Includes:

- 1 Pretend 7 Play Kitchen Set

- 1 Classic Kitchen Refrigerator

- 1 Classic Kitchen Stove

- 1 Classic Kitchen Sink

- 1 Classic Kitchen Cupboard

- 1 Birch Sofa

- 1 Birch Chair

- 1 Square Primary Table with 4 Chairs

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