Timber Glen Playcenter

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Multiple decks and play events encourages active bodies and imaginations!

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Play Events: (6) Rock climber, 2 Slides, Ships wheel, Bench, Drum

Children will "rock" on the rock climber and "roll" down the slides on a large playground, perfect for any park, school, or child care facility! The multi-level platforms and slides provide fun for the younger children and a challenge for older children. Kids will enjoy a beanstalk climber, bass drum, ship wheel, and even a bench to rest on.

The rock wall climber provides a chance for children to grow muscles in their arms and legs as it is a full body workout, improving their gross and fine motor skills! Social and emotional skills shine when watching children chat about emotions on the stairs as they wait their turn.

Made with powder-coated steel posts, rotomolded plastic components, and plastisol-coated steel deck. A use zone of 29'L x 35'W is recommended. Assembly required. Professional installation suggested. 15'5"L x 17'7"W x 10'8"H; 1329 lb. Truck delivery.

What do I need to know to choose the correct installation type? So, what exactly is a use zone?