FirstPlay® Toddler Systems

Packed with gross-motor activities that grow minds and bodies!

Play Events:

  • Basic FirstPlay Toddler System: (4) Climber, Slide, 2 Seats
  • Standard FirstPlay Toddler System: (6) Climber, Slide, 3 Seats, Doorway panel, Dramatic play panel
  • Deluxe FirstPlay Toddler System:(10) 4-Seats, Climber, Slide, Dramatic play panel, Sand and water tub, Art panel, Doorway panel

Eyes will sparkle and hearts will leap when playing in brightly colored toddler play systems. Customize and change structural layout based on space needs from basic, standard, and deluxe systems, making these structures a great option for child care centers and schools. Kids will love to climb on panels, roar down the slide, and hide in nooks and crannies. Explore seated play while scooping in the sand and water panel. A molded lid adds even more options to use with sand, water, and car play!

Children can improve fine motor skills and sensory development as they grasp, pour, and feel sand tools and water temperatures. Dramatic and imaginative play soars and gross motor skills strengthen while pretending to climb a mountain, slide into the hot lava, and play school with friends!

Made in the USA of out durable polyethylene plastic. Assembly required. Surface mount installation. Includes stakes and anchors. Truck delivery.

  • Basic FirstPlay Toddler System: 8'8"L x 8'5"W x 5'H; 139 lb with a recommended use zone of 8'8"L x 8'5"W x 5'H
  • Standard FirstPlay Toddler System: 12'6"L x 8'7"W x 5'H; 191 lb with a recommended use zone of 18'6"L x 14'7"W
  • Deluxe FirstPlay Toddler System: 19'2L x 9'1"W x 5'H;336 lb with a recommended use zone of 25'3"L x 15'1"W
So, what exactly is a use zone? What do I need to know to choose the correct installation type?
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Description Playground Systems Play Events Basic: 4
Standard: 7
Deluxe: 9
Ages 6mos to 3 yrs Material Polyethylene Plastic
Weight Limit 400 lbs Critical Fall Height 1'6"
Number of Children Basic: 6
Standard: 9
Deluxe: 15
Compliances ASTM, CPSC, ADA
Weight Basic: 139lb
Standard: 191 lb
Deluxe: 336 lb
Product Made In USA
Dimension Basic: 8'8"L x 8'5"W x 5'H Standard: 12'6"L x 8'7"W x 5'H Deluxe: 19'2L x 9'1"W x 5'H Shipping Method TRUCK
Use Zone Basic: 14'9"L x 14'6"W Standard: 18'6"L x 14'7"W Deluxe: 25'3"L x 15'1"W Install Type Surface Mount
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