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Outdoor LearnLawn Sensory Seats
Outdoor Learning Picnic Table Set
Tree Stump Steppers
Ponderosa Cedar Playground
Bog, Frog, Turtle & Log Sets
Eco-Block Set

Eco-Block Set

Outdoor Children's Kitchen
Water Way
Musical Fence
The Hideout Playcenter
8' x 8' Cedar Sandbox Package
Portable 3' & 6' Art Easels
Six-Note Mini Chime Wall
Dual Embankment Slide
Outdoor Magnetic Chalkboard Art Panels
Cedar Outdoor Classroom
Outdoor Schoolhouse
Outdoor Toddler Oak Bench
Spider Web Climber

Spider Web Climber

Thunder Wall
Children's Playhouse
Cedar Climber
Rockin' Drums
Little Cedar Climber Playhouse
Cedar Tree Fort Climber
Outdoor Learning Pack
Tuned Drums

Tuned Drums

Cedar Paint Stations
Cedar Mountain Climber
Eco-Block Deluxe Set
Chalkboard Panels

Chalkboard Panels

Portable Activity Storage Table
Storage Tree
Single Water Trough
Chickadee Chime Panel
Pond Pals Set

Pond Pals Set

Deluxe Home & Garden Playhouse
Spout and Splash
Percussion Panel

Shop for natural playgrounds at Play with a Purpose to bridge active play and natural curiosity!

Nature playground equipment combines physical activity with the outdoor environment, creating a fun way for kids to fully reap the benefits of outdoor play and learning! While playing on the equipment, they advance their gross-motor, cognitive, and social/emotional skills.

Our nature-themed playground equipment complements and blends in with its surroundings. They feature neutral color schemes and environmentally-friendly materials. Kids will also be able to discover different textures as they play with sand and water tables or garden in raised flower beds.

Buy nature-themed playground equipment from Play with a Purpose!