Outdoor Playground Wall

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Classic two-sided playground climbing wall offers up to 192 square feet of climbing and traversing surface.

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Rock away the day with a fun and active climbing wall! Climb the walls, even outside! Our freestanding playground rock climbing wall allows for climbing on both sides, making it perfect for playgrounds, or schoolyards. Climbers can experience success when they transfer to the other side of the wall and continue to climb the opposite direction. Each playground wall includes yellow and green Groperz? Hand Holds to offer a variety of options for climbers to use as they traverse.

Climbing up, down, and around motivates children to engage fine and gross motor muscles while exploring new hand and foot holds. Laugh, share, and take turns climbing as you grow not only in strength, but in social and emotional skills too.

Made in the USA out of polycarbonate panel with Groperz? Hand Holds and zinc-plated bolts. Panels are mounted to blue powder-coated steel posts. Assembly and in ground installation required. Truck delivery.

  • Wall System- 8'L x 6'H: Dimension 8'L x 10"W x 6'H; 650 lb. A use zone of 20'L x 13'W is recommended.
  • Wall System- 12'L x 6'H: Dimension 12'L x 10"W x 6'H; 725 lb. A use zone of 24'L x 13'W is recommended.
  • Wall System- 16'L x 6'H: Dimension 16'L x 10"W x 6'H; 850 lb. A use zone of 28'L x 13'W is recommended.


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