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Rainbow DuraHoop Revolution Hoops

Starting at $79.95

Revolutionary design creates the strongest, safest, longest-lasting plastic hula hoops for kids you'll find!

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Solid, one-piece hoops provide thick and durable use for even tiny users! A fused design ensures that hoops will not come apart while avoiding staples and scratches. The thickness and heaviness of these hoops makes them kink-proof and unable to bend. A cross design on the inside helps to make this the strongest hoop you'll find in any child care center or school. Add a unique twist to musical chairs by jumping in a hoop instead of sitting in a chair! Bright rainbow colors keep kids intrigued for more twist toward enjoyable fitness!

Gross and fine motor skills strengthen during balancing, core activation, and hip movement.

DuraHoop Revolution Hoops are available in Rainbow Sets of 12 in 3 sizes: 24" and 30" and 36". Ages 3 to 12.