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ACTION!™ Fit-Nito™

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Students will find this fitness-inspired card game oh so neat-o!

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Fit-Nito™ is an action-packed card game that incorporates fitness exercises to get students up and moving! Fit-Nito™ is also a perfect PE warm up exercise that can be quickly played before other activity begins. In the main activity, each team is dealt an equal amount of 8-1/2" x 11" cards that are placed face down. At the signal, the first card is flipped and teams perform the exercise displayed on the card. Once completed, players run the card to the center discard pile, run back, and another is turned over. Watch for non-exercise cards! Hop, Take, U-Turn, and Free cards feature different instructions. •Hop: Team may skip performing an exercise. •Take 2: Team must draw an additional 2 cards from the center. •U-Turn: Team can give this card to a another team. Receiving team draws 2 additional cards from the center. •Free: Team gets to choose the exercise they perform (10 reps or a 10 count). •Free Take 4: Team gets to choose the exercise they perform (10 reps or a 10 count) while giving the card to another team. Receiving team draws an additional 4 cards. The team to run out of cards first, or the team with the least amount left at the end of the game wins! Cards are colored by exercise and feature a durable synthetic coating to prevent wear and tear. Large words and graphics can easily be seen by the entire team without huddling around each card. Set includes 104 cards, a custom storage box, and activity instructions with multiple activity ideas and variations.