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Welcome to the Play with a Purpose® interactive Playground Planner!

Now all the tools you need to easily plan and execute the perfect playground for your facility are right at your fingertips. Simply click on the "Start Designing Now" button below and follow the steps to design the shape of your playground space by adding playground equipment, choosing surfacing features, and more.

Here are just a few of the exciting features included in the Play with a Purpose® interactive Playground Planner: 

  • Create a custom design that matches the dimensions and boundary layout of your area
  • Add items directly to your design, and move, rotate, and place items as you see fit
  • View your entire playground to see how the products complement and complete your space
  • Items you select are automatically added to your cart for convenience
  • Save and retrieve your design at any time
  • Preview and print your design
  • Email your design to a CPSI-Certified Playground Consultant for review and suggestions

And of course, the Play with a Purpose® playground professionals are more than happy to assist you at any time with questions, or to provide you with expert advice and planning.

Download your playground planning kit to help make your playground experience as easy one!

Please call any time! 888-330-1826.

For the best experience, please use the Firefox, Chrome, or Safari web browsers.

Let's Get Started!

Follow these simple instructions to create your custom playground space:

  1. Use the "Search" tool to find your desired playground items, or scroll through the item list.
  2. Click and drag the item from the left to your desired location on the design grid.
  3. Please note that use zones are indicated around the items, and will flash red when overlapping use zones of other items.
  4. Click on an object on the grid to reveal a menu that allows you to rotate, float, or delete an item.
  5. Use the Zoom slider bar to zoom in or out of your design palette.
  6. Save your design by clicking on the computer disc icon.
  7. Retrieve a design by entering your saved design information.

Items you select for your playground are automatically added to your cart for convenience. If you wish to remove an item/items, simply remove the item from the design palette and it will be removed from the cart.

Playground Planner & Design Tool

Planner & Planner Kit

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Proper planning is key to your playground's success. Here are some factors you need to consider:

  • What is your budget?
  • How large of a space do you need?
  • What kind of surfacing should be installed?
  • How much shade should be provided?
  • What kind of equipment do you want?
  • What natural elements (gardens, plants, play events) would you like to keep or add to your playground?
  • Are there trees or other obstructions that may interfere with the play area or equipment use zones?
  • Is there currently a drainage system in place to limit standing/excess water?
  • How accessible is the site? Can large equipment/machinery get into the area if necessary? (Typically a 10'-14' wide access point is needed during installation.)

Getting Started...

Review and complete the Playground Planning Questions in the downloadable Playground Planning Guide. Be sure to reference the "Essential Play Elements" page for ideas on incorporating different types of play. Then, check out our Playground Planner tool.

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