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Painter's Stool w/ Teacher's Seat


Let creativity flow from seat to mat!

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Create a welcoming environment with mats that draw students together to listen and learn! Designed to look like a painter's palette, this soft 40" mat gives a designated space in the middle of 7 circle time chairs for activity or provides additional seating, ideal within the classroom or child care center. Create a team or family atmosphere as the teacher sits on a large mat, welcoming children to join for discussion. Student stools (10"H) in bright colors feature a cutout for legs to allow mobility and comfort. Add zest into your classroom palette and find seating that is truly special! Teacher stool (16"H) allows for reading time or learning so everyone can be together in one space.

Seat cover made out of environmentally friendly polyurethane. Set includes 7 seats and mat. Mat is 64" dia and 2"H. Teacher stool is 18" dia x 16"H while children's stools are 18" dia x 10"H.

Ages 2 to 5.