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Engineer and Design Kits
Gears, Gears, Gears Set
Kid's First Engineer Kits
Mecaniko Activity Set
Octoplay Classroom Pack
Mobile Creativity Board
STEM Challenge Set
Engineering Process Posters
BrickLAB Brick Kits
LearnLever Lever
Intro to Engineering
Keva Maple Plank Sets
STEAM School Kit
BrickLAB Brain Builder's Camp
BrickLAB Tech Ultimate Set
Fun2 Play Construction System

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Buy hands-on engineering activities for kids from Play with a Purpose to spark inquiry and creativity!

A big part of childhood is learning how to build things and discovering how they work. STEAM engineering projects inspire kids to do just that! Engineering for kids encourages them to ask questions and solve problems through creativity. Whether it’s creating a house with building bricks or foam blocks, designing a towering structure, or placing gears on a board and turning them, kids get to see for themselves how to design and create items.

Embrace kids’ natural curiosity with engineering projects from Play with a Purpose!