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STEAM Essentials Class Pack
Coding and Robotics Kit
LearnLever Lever
STEM Classroom Pack
See-Through Compost Container
Discovery Bone Set
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Mix & Measure Set
Kids First Science Laboratory
Wooden Science Activity Table
Wooden Science Lab System
Primary Science Classroom Pack
Digital Classroom Microscope
Classroom Projector
Botley Coding Robot Activity Set
Code & Go Robot Mouse
Cubelets Robot Block Kits
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Gears, Gears, Gears Set
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Create-A-Space Storage
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Tablet Tables

Tablet Tables

STEAM Multi-Media Cart
STEM Maker Station
Science Exploration Pack
Activity Desk and Mobile Seating
Sidewalk Math

Sidewalk Math

STEAM into Learning Carpet

Encourage hands-on learning with STEAM activities for preschoolers from Play with a Purpose!

STEAM education focuses on discovery through exploration to promote sensory and cognitive development in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Young minds learn the importance of working together, asking questions, and problem solving. Teachers also play an important role as they guide kids through interactive activities and help explain what they learn along the way.

Hands-On Learning

STEAM for kids encourages them to learn while carrying out hands-on projects. These activities promote creativity, inquiry, and collaboration. The skills and knowledge they acquire helps them discover how to work through everyday challenges. They can see for themselves how items are constructed through the engineering process, learn how technology works with help from circuits and coding, and establish a firm foundation in math while sorting and counting toys.

Promote Problem Solving

Engaging STEAM activities let students experiment and learn through trial and error. Teachers can take a creative approach to teaching science and let kids safely test theories in a controlled environment. Lessons can even be as simple and engaging as mixing colors during art to see what new colors emerge!

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