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Edusante Trikes

Edusante Trikes

Winther Viking Premium Trikes
Angeles SilverRider Trikes
Winther Duo Trikes
Winther Circleline Community Vehicles
Winther Viking Twin Taxi
Winther Circleline Trikes
Winther Circleline Taxi
Winther Viking Tricart
Circleline Circle Trike
Winther Viking Easy Rider
Angeles SilverRider School Bus
Angeles SilverRider Rickshaw
Winther Circleline Easy Rider
Angeles SilverRider Fire Truck
Angeles SilverRider Supercycle

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Shop for the best tricycles for toddlers and preschoolers at Play with a Purpose!

Trikes serve as a multipurpose learning tool that’s also fun! As kids pedal, they learn about the importance of balance and coordination as they propel themselves forward with each push. It also gives them a sense of spatial awareness as they pedal toward a goal or around an obstacle. Kids can ride individually on a traditional trike or with up to two friends on specially-designed tricycles. Teachers and day care providers can also choose from several options that vary from lightweight to heavy-duty construction or small to large designs based on the needs and abilities of kids in their care.

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