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Edusante Trikes

Edusante Trikes

Safety Helmet
Trikeopolis Packs

Trikeopolis Packs

Winther Viking Premium Trikes
Angeles SilverRider Trikes
Pedal Path

Pedal Path

Plastic Roadway Signs
County Garage & Filling Station
Angeles Metal-Base Traffic Signs
Deluxe Trike Pack
Winther Duo Trikes
Plastic Traffic Signs
Winther Circleline Community Vehicles
Winther Ready to Ride Trike Pack
KidAlert! Visual Warning Sign
Circleline Circle Trike
Winther Viking Twin Taxi
Winther Circleline Trikes
Winther Circleline Taxi
Winther Viking Tricart
Angeles SilverRider School Bus
Angeles SilverRider Rickshaw
Winther Viking Easy Rider
Angeles SilverRider Fire Truck
Angeles SilverRider Supercycle
Winther Circleline Easy Rider
Winther Duo Small Pushbike
John Deere Kids Tractor
Wild Adventure Trike Packs

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Shop for toddler trikes at Play with a Purpose to improve balance, coordination, and motor skills!

A kid’s tricycle provides young riders with a way to learn valuable skills, while also having fun! Trikes let kids explore balance and build strength as they work to stay upright. Peddling and steering teaches them about the importance of coordination. Kids also learn about spatial awareness and enhance their gross-motor skills while riding a trike.

Buy toddler tricycles at Play with a Purpose!