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Winther Duo Beginner 3-Wheel Scooter
Winther Circleline Safety Scooter
Safety Helmet
Roller Racer
Winther Circleline 2-Wheel Scooter
All-Terrain Scooter
Plastic Roadway Signs
Angeles Metal-Base Traffic Signs
KidAlert! Visual Warning Sign
Pedal Path

Pedal Path

Trikeopolis Packs

Trikeopolis Packs

County Garage & Filling Station
Rainbow Stabilis Anti-Tip Scooters
Rainbow SST Scooter Sets
SoftScoot Scooters

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Buy toddler scooters from Play with a Purpose and incorporate them into balance and movement lessons!

Develop important gross- and fine-motor skills while scooting around! Start with a three-wheel scooter for toddlers, which provides more stability when learning how to balance and propel themselves forward. Then move on to a two-wheel standing scooter to increase the balance challenge. Teachers can also use ride-on scooters for kids as a part of games or obstacle courses, allowing kids to learn about teamwork as they push or pull each other around the classroom or gymnasium.

Shop for kids’ scooters at Play with a Purpose!