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Up & Down Roller Coaster
Squirrel & Puppy Ride-Ons
Small People Carrier & Wescomobile
Circleline Circle Trike
John Deere Kids Tractor
Monzi Pedal Cart
Winther Duo Small Pushbike
Winther Duo Safety Scooter

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Enhance dramatic play and build motor skills with foot-to-floor ride-on toys from Play with a Purpose!

Let kids take a ride on the fun and skill-building side using colorful ride-on toys. With each push of their feet off the floor, kids build leg muscle and improve their coordination. A push bike for kids lets them propel themselves or have a friend help push them forward for engaging interaction between peers. They also learn how to take turns and expand their creativity during imaginative play as they pretend to cruise from a store to school without leaving the playground or play space. Choose from options without pedals for younger kids or options with pedals as coordination increases.

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