Give young learners tools that inspire and challenge minds to think outside of the norm. Cubelets take commands to create light, power, and sound! Make a robot that is scared of the dark or a prankster that yells when it does not like the weather! Fine motor skills naturally strengthen as children maneuver cubes to form endless "robots". Critical thinking skills soar to new heights as children work together to develop a new idea. Choose a set that best fits your classroom or group learning goals and get coding!

With three types of magnetic cubes students can make thousands of interactive robots. SENSE cubes mimic your senses, dodging obstructions and recording information like light, distance, and temperature. THINK cubes act like brains, processing and modifying that information. ACT cubes do things—they take commands to create power, light, or sound. Snap a variety of the cubes together and build a robot that scrambles when the lights go out or complains when it gets cold!

Choose from the Brilliant Builder Set or the Curiosity Set. Ages 4 and up.

Brilliant Builder Set includes:

Curiosity Set includes: