It's like a treasure hunt on a carpet! Watch eyes light up within the classroom or child care center when stepping foot on this rug. A perfect design for organization and personal space within defined blocks, children will be able to learn about literacy, shapes, numbers, and matching using bright and sweet pictures. Constructed with slip-resistant backing and stain resistant durability, this statement piece is sure to shine bright!

Working with friends to find letters and pictures activates cognitive skills as well as social development when sharing ideas. Connecting sounds to pictures and letters helps solidify speech and language skills in a non-intimidating environment.

Constructed with 100% nylon with high flame tolerance.

Oval Carpets:

- 9'5"L x 6'9"W

- 11'8"L x 8'3"W

Rectangle Carpets:

- 8'4"L x 5'10"W

- 11'8"L x 8'4"W