Parachute fun for everyone! Purchase a single parachute or an extensive pack to add excitement to any school or child care center! An activity book with more than 150 games inspires children to move their bodies and work together. Children will be able to work on their communication skills as they need to work with one another to keep the beach balls bouncing or move the little balls all over the place. Have kids work to keep the balls in the center or have them try to pop them all out of the middle. There is so many game ideas the possibilites are endless.

Cognitive and sensory development work toward growth as kids strategize how to make a beach ball fly higher in the parachute, also excelling gross and fine motor skills! Natural friendships will blossom while friends take turn and enhance social and emotional skills. Ages 3 to 12.

12' dia Parachute Pack Includes:

24' dia Parachute Pack Includes:

Pack Only - No Parachute: