Costume Play Pack

Kids play costumes with storage promote creativity and imagination as children try on different careers!

Where can a firefighter, a hair stylist, and a doctor hang out? In your classroom! A wide variety of costumes provides role-play of many careers, great for imaginative play and expanding expressive and receptive language skills. Detailed outfits and accessories teach children even more about community workers, paired with enriching books with beautiful pictures. Whip up yummy treats as a cook and fix classroom objects in the construction site, the options are endless!

Reading books while dressed up in costume not only sparks cognitive skills, but associates imaginative skills to real-life careers. Grow classroom social and emotional relationships during play focused on open-ended requests and emotions. Jumping and zipping around to fight fires inspires active play and gross motor development.

Pack Includes:

- 8 Career Dress-Up Costumes

- 1 Community Workers Set of 8 Books

- 1 Wardrobe with Mirror

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