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Garden View Kitchen
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen
Corner Kitchen Cupboard

Corner Kitchen Cupboard

Outdoor Mud Kitchen
TrueModern Wooden Kitchen
Supreme Dramatic Play Pack
All-in-One Kitchen Center
Classic Kitchen Sets
Colorful Essentials Wooden Kitchen Sets
Toddler One-Piece Kitchen Set
Deluxe Classroom Food Set
Cut, Slice, Dice Wooden Food Set
Breakfast Essentials
Molded Vinyl Foods
Kitchen and House Pack
Toddler Kitchen Set
Kitchen Accessory Play Pack
Grand Walk-In Kitchen Set
Multicultural Food Set
115-Piece Food Set
Pretend & Play Kitchen Set
Outdoor Children's Kitchen
Heavy-Duty Shopping Cart
Star Diner Restaurant Pack
Food Truck Play Pack
Ice Cream Truck Play Pack
Chef's Kitchen Play Kitchen
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Table

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Cook up entertaining activities with kids’ play kitchen sets from Play with a Purpose!

Encourage interaction, problem-solving, creativity, and role playing when you add a dramatic play kitchen to an activity space. As kids pretend to make a meal or imagine running a diner, they develop important communication skills while talking with friends. Pretend play kitchens also help kids learn about making healthy choices and discover how to identify various types of food. Role playing in a kitchen also lets them express their creativity as they pair different play foods together.

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