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Baby Care Activity Center
All-Vinyl Baby Doll Sets
Wooden Dollhouse & Accessories
Life-Size Soft-Bodied Doll Sets
Deluxe Fire Station Play Set
Soft-Body Diversity Dolls
Differently Abled Doll Set
Multicultural First Baby Set
Birch Doll Changing Table
Wooden Accessories Set for Dolls
Wooden Castle & Accessories

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Buy dolls for toddlers from Play with a Purpose to teach kids about responsibility and empathy!

Baby doll sets let kids learn about themselves and how to care for others through imaginative play. Through doll play, kids practice social skills and improve their vocabulary while talking to a doll or to their friends. Caring for a doll also introduces them to responsibility as they learn how to feed, change, or play with it. This also teaches kids about empathy as they pretend to take a doll to a doctor and process emotions.

Shop for dolls at Play with a Purpose and expand creative play possibilities!