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Infant Swiss Chalet
Tot Tree
Toddler Clubhouse
Crawl & Toddle Center
Discovery Centers Sapling Playhouse
Tot Town Kiddie Korral
Gear Sensory Box
Knoxville Playcenter


Discovery Centers Ground-Level Playhouse
Transportation Center
Asheville Playcenter
Infant Maze

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Encourage activity while building skills using play structures for toddlers from Play with a Purpose!

The primary focus of most toddler and infant playgrounds is to encourage young kids to explore movement. The smaller design of these playcenters for babies is less intimidating as they learn how to crawl, pull themselves up to stand, and start to walk. Rounded construction and various textures stimulate the senses during hands-on activities. Many of these age-appropriate structures also feature shapes, animals, and activities that expand the learning potential.

Buy playground structures for kids up to 3 years old at Play with a Purpose!