Discovery Centers™ 2-Deck Center

Compact play structure packed with 9 play events, including 2 climbers, and math playground panel, and a slide.

Play Events: (9) Vine climber, Tree stump climber, Slide, TouchMath® panel, Gear panel, Clock panel, Telescope, Drums, Rain wheel

Bring learning outdoors with this bright and inviting play center! Teach TouchMath® at the math panel, sing and move while playing the drum, and introduce numbers at the clock panel. Stump climber is built thick to aid early walkers in climbing. Children are encouraged to work together at play events such as tracing letters! With 9 different play events, all learners are set up for success!

Gross motor and music and movement excels as children sing as use their bodies to climb on the vine climber and explore beats on the drum, also strengthening small hand muscles and overall fine motor skills! Social and emotional skills and cognitive development are enhanced while sharing ideas and taking turns with friends using the TouchMath® panel. Peering through the telescope, touching the tree stump climber, and moving gears, kids will gain exposure to new sensory experiences which aid in overall development!

Made out of blow molded and rotomolded plastic pieces and metal uprights. A use zone of 27'L x 22'W is recommended. Installation available in ground or surface mount. 15'L x 9'6"W x 10'6"H; 688 lb. Truck delivery.

So, what exactly is a use zone? What do I need to know to choose the correct installation type?
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