PlayTough Role-Play Playground

Climb, bounce, and spin your way to fun in an innovative playground sets for schools!

Play Events:

  • Small Set: (3) Spinning tub, Arch climber, Spring bouncer
  • Medium Set: (4) Spinning tub, Arch climber, Spring bouncer, Play jeep
  • Large Set: (5) Spinning tub, Arch climber, Spring bouncer, Play jeep, Spring rider-airplane

Choose from 3 sizes of playground packs, making this a wonderful option for a variety of spaces in child care centers and schools! Kids can work together spinning a tub and activating the spring bouncer. Designed with a teamwork focus, each item can be played with individually, yet works best when used by multiple children. Climb on the arch climber and look at your pals below as they play. The larger packs allow kids to zoom into fun as the play in the jeep and play spring ride, keeping even the busiest kids moving! These playgrounds have something for all ages and ability levels.

Early childhood developmental skills integrated into playground fun include gross motor development gained as kids use large muscles to climb and explore holds and use explosive movements while spinning the tub. Dramatic and imaginative play comes to life as kids ride in style in the jeep, and spring into the sunset on the spring bouncer! Each play item encourages social and emotional development as children work as a team to make items spin faster while offering words of affirmation.

All items are made in the USA and meet ASTM and CPSC standards. Truck delivery.

  • Spinning Tub (Blue, 4-Seater): 36" dia x 2'H; recommended use zone of 6'5" dia
  • Arch Climber: 4'4"L x 4'W x 6'6"H; recommended use zone of 18'L x 16'W
  • Spring Bouncer (Red, 4-Seater): 6'8" dia x 2'6"H; recommended use zone of 19' dia
  • Play Jeep (w/o springs, treated wood floor): 6'L x 4'W x 3'H; recommended use zone of 18'L x 16'W
  • Spring Rider Airplane: 4'L, 3'3"W x 2'8"H; recommended use zone of 17'L x 15'W

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