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Cedar Paint Stations
Outdoor Magnetic Chalkboard Art Panels
Portable 3' & 6' Art Easels
Ball Drop Panel
Percussion Panel
Chalkboard Panels

Chalkboard Panels

Transportation Center
Learning Panel Classroom Pack
Portable Cause and Effect Panels
Falling Sands Chute & Ramp Play Panels
Tic-Tac-Toe Panel
Portable Musical Panels
Portable Learning Panels

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Buy playground panels from Play with a Purpose to promote independent and cooperative play!

Let kids explore puzzles and play games while improving their fine-motor skills on play panels. Schools and day cares can use these panels to promote learning and cognitive development as kids manipulate the pieces or draw pictures. You can use the panels as independent play events or as part of a larger structure. Wooden frames and various color schemes fit in perfectly with nature-themed playgrounds.

Purchase play panels for natural playgrounds at Play with a Purpose!