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StackED Foam Stool
Balance Beams

Balance Beams

Pond Pals Set

Pond Pals Set

Steel Balance Beams
Platform Climber
Wavy Tactile Beam
Basic FunPods

Basic FunPods

Turtle Steppers
Wooden Tree Hoppers
Stepping Log Discs
Tactile Balance Beam Set
The Great Alfresco Set
Maxi Gross-Motor Set

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Buy balance activities for kids at Play with a Purpose to build coordination and confidence!

Help kids build motor skills by incorporating balance equipment into your school or day care center playground. With each step across a beam or hop onto a pod, kids learn how to find their center of balance and discover different kinds of movement. A standalone playground balance beam is easy to incorporate into any open space, and its low-to-the-ground design reduces intimidation as kids walk across it.

Purchase outdoor balance activities for your playground at Play with a Purpose!