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Crawl Through Tunnels
Tree House Playground
Spring Riders

Spring Riders

Gym-I-Nee Goal
Spring Tug Boat

Spring Tug Boat

Mini Bouncers
Double Slide

Double Slide

Freight Train
Wavy Crawl Tunnel
Upward Pod Climbers
Plastic Dome Climber
Poseidon Hideout
Metal Dome Climber
Chutes & Scores
Parachute Play Packs
T-Ball Pack

T-Ball Pack

Rainbow Awesome Activities Ball Pack
Preschool Parachute Packs
Rainbow UltraGrip Big Bat/Ball Sets
Rainbow Playground Balls
Rainbow SoffPlay Balls
Egg & Spoon Race Set
Rainbow UtilityBalls
Rainbow AirFoam Balls
Rainbow Rubber Basketballs
Rainbow Rubber Soccer Balls
Rainbow Rubber Footballs
Lil' Shot

Lil' Shot

Multi-Dome Activity Sets
Rainbow Soccer Pack
Rainbow UltraPlay UtilityBalls
Eco-Block Set

Eco-Block Set

AlleyOop Goals
JUMBowl Bowling Set
Eco-Block Deluxe Set
ACTION! BasketPar
ACTION! Quick-Tac-Toe Set
BigTop BucketBonanza Set
Primary Large Building Blocks

Shop Play with a Purpose for skill-building gross-motor activities for toddlers!

Crawl, bounce, climb, and slide during gross-motor activities for infants up to elementary students. The large body movements required to use this equipment help kids learn how to control their arms, legs, and entire body in general.

Outdoor games for toddlers encourage them to stay physically active and learn how to interact with others while climbing through tunnels or riding on bouncers. They also increase critical thinking while planning their next move on a climber and enhance sensory development as they play with different activity balls.

Browse a wide assortment of playground-based gross-motor activities at Play with a Purpose!