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Exclusive Product Play with a Purpose Exclusive Product

PlayFull Pickup

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The open back and bench seats let you load it up and still have plenty of room to play!

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Hop in the PlayFull Pickup with up to 6 kids and rev up your engine for hours of fun! Let 2 children drive while 4 relax and chat in the back. Purchase pickup with bouncy coil springs for a rocking good time! Ride in style in seats with backs to ensure safety and comfort.

Children enrich dramatic and imaginative play as they fix their pickup, drive through muddy terrain, and role play being a driver and passenger. Social and emotional skills develop as kids share steering wheels and talk to each other about their adventures!

Pickup is made in the USA from powder-coated 1.25" dia steel and available in treated-wood floor or maintenance-free composite flooring, with or without bouncy coil springs. A use zone of 19'L x 16'W is recommended. 6'L x 3'4"W x 5'H; 235 lb without springs, 275 lb with springs. Fully assembled. In-ground installation is recommended; anchors included. Truck delivery. Ages 2 to 12.

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