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4' to 6' Hollow Logs

4' to 6' Hollow Logs

Wavy Crawl Tunnel
Burma Balance Bridge
Moving Tunnels
Crawl Through Tunnels
Arch Bridge
Kinder Crossing
Floating Tunnel Bridge
Trunk Crawler Tunnels

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Buy playground tunnels and bridges at Play with a Purpose to challenge kids’ strength and coordination!

From toddlers to preschoolers, outdoor tunnels for kids are great for use at all levels of play. As they crawl through tunnels, kids build strength and coordination while also exploring spatial concepts such as over, under, and through. Bridges continue to build on these skills while also incorporating balance. Kids can use tunnels and bridges to explore dramatic play and enhance social skills while playing with others. Teachers and day care providers can incorporate tunnels and bridges into play spaces to create connections between other equipment or use them independently.

Purchase tunnels and bridges from Play with a Purpose!