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Skyward Summit
Outdoor Playground Wall
4' to 6' Hollow Logs

4' to 6' Hollow Logs

Dinosaur Duo Playground Sculpture Set
Climb-n-Crawl Caterpillar
Junior Triple & Double Panel Climbers
Climb & Discover Cave
Watch Me Climb! Climbing Walls
Calvin the Caterpillar
Burma Balance Bridge
Cedar Mountain Climber
Rockwall Cabin
Upper-Body Climber
Pod Climber
Cedar Climber
Harry the Hippo
Moving Tunnels
Hollow Log Tunnel
Outdoor Beginner Traversing Wall
Crawl Through Tunnels
Craggy Summit Playground Climber
Arch Bridge
Kinder Crossing
Craggy Flat Rock Climber
Pinta Outdoor Climber
Turtle Climber
The Ring Matrix
Pyramid Climber
Arch Climber
Craggy Mountain Climbing Wall
Platform Climber
Panda Climber
6-Seater School Play Bus
Wavy Crawl Tunnel
Upward Pod Climbers
Plastic Dome Climber
Poseidon Hideout
Metal Dome Climber

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Shop for playground climbing equipment at Play with a Purpose and let kids learn while climbing!

Develop motor skills and build strength as kids traverse these impressive, multipurpose playground climbers from Play with a Purpose.

As kids grab each handhold, they enhance their fine motor skills. And with each step up these climbers for kids, they also improve gross motor skills and their overall strength. While climbing, they learn new ways to move their bodies to improve coordination and balance. Kids also learn how to interact with others while climbing with friends.

Buy playground climbers from Play with a Purpose!