Child-Sized Log Bench Set

A perfect solid log bench for kids to study bugs, socialize with friends, and more.

Enjoy your surroundings on a solid log bench set that adds nature-inspired class to any school or child care playground. Practical, sturdy, untreated solid log benches have bark on them that falls off with time, exposing smooth wood. These log benches provide a place for the children to sit and talk with friends or a place to sit and watch their friends on the playground.

Chats and relaxation on the bench spur speech and language development and social and emotional skills while talking about the birds, remarking about playground equipment, and chatting about daily occurrences!

Made out of logs. No installation required. 4'L x 1'2"W x 1'2"H; 75 lb. Truck delivery.

The product is not available in Canada.

  • Direct Ship 
  • Estimated Ship Date 1-4-18
  • Truck Delivery 
  • Item No: 77-866
  • Unit: Set of 2
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