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SPARK Early Childhood Curriculum
Multi-Activity Table with Train Set
Crocodile Wall Activity Center
Take-Along Vehicle Pack
Wooden Train Cars
ACTION! BasketPar Goals
Ollie the Octopus Parachute
RinkPro Floor Hockey Goal Replacement Nets
Stryke 'N Score Bowling Pins
Ball Pool Additional Balls
Garden Heroes Activity Book
Storage Bins
Magnetic Letters & Number Set
10 lb Weight Plate
Soft Play Giant Builders' Blocks

Encourage physical activity for kids when you buy high-quality equipment from Play with a Purpose!

Enhance development opportunities and participation among kids with friendly playtime equipment. The bright colors are inviting, making them a group favorite. Long-lasting durability makes this gear a teacher favorite!

Develop Critical Skills

Active play toys are a fantastic asset in the playroom, classroom, or during outdoor activities. While playing with this gear, kids discover how to improve their fine motor skills, balance, climbing, jumping, and tossing and catching mechanics. They can also learn about rhythm while listening to music and dancing!

Involve the Entire Group

Get every kid active during a variety of entertaining and skill-enriching activities! Engaging group games and sports teach kids how to work together while learning important lifelong skills. These activities also develop a sense of inclusion, getting every kid involved and moving. Activities also teach kids about the importance of eating right and staying active.

Incorporate Dynamic Equipment

Add new elements of excitement by incorporating high-quality, multipurpose gear during play time. Choose from a large assortment of tunnels, parachutes, activity balls, scooters, and hoops. Kids can use this equipment in partner activities, or teachers can use it during relays and larger team games. All-encompassing equipment packs include everything needed to keep all kids active throughout the day.

Shop for engaging active play equipment at Play with a Purpose!