Over and Under Pack


Jump, dive, or crawl through this fun hula hoop obstacle course activity pack!

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Get in the loop and jump in a hoop! Ideas for fun activities are endless with the ability to make at least 12 of our most exciting Multi-Dome™ obstacle courses with these compact, easy-to-use domes. Portable domes are great for children of multiple ages in child care centers or schools. Quickly rearrange as children become stronger, adapting to the needs of any group.

Each 8" dia Multi-Dome™ Jr. has 4 connection points, so you can have more than one attachment in each dome. You can also insert hoops 2 ways. Simply snap the attachments into place to create obstacles. Once the action ends, you can easily and quickly disassemble the obstacles for compact storage.

Gross motor, fine motor, and dramatic play soar as kids pretend play while increasing muscle strength through jumping and crawling. Social and emotional strength and cognitive skills grow during encouragement from peers and spatial planning before attempting a new course.

Domes made with tough plastic. You can also add sand or water to the domes to weigh them down for added stability. Ages 2 to 12.

Set includes:

  • Multi-Dome™ Jr. Domes, Set of 18
  • Arch Gates, Set of 6
  • Hurdles, Set of 6
  • Klipz™, Set of 6
  • Wand Posts, Set of 6
  • DuraHoopPlus™ Hoops, Set of 12