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Bull's-Eye Velcro® Catch Set

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Help milestones stick as you develop hand/eye coordination with a Velcro® catch ball set.

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Set the baseball glove and baseball aside and have your little ones pick up a Velcro® paddle ball! Teach tossing and catching in a non-intimidating way that promotes success! Students will have fun learning to position the paddle in the right area for the ball to make contact with it, trying to hit the bulls-eye just right! Improve accuracy as you work on tossing, looking at the bulls-eye design to see your progress. Using a combination of fuzzy balls and Velcro® paddles, the unique design of this set ensures maximum fun and controlled play. Even young players can independently slip equipment on and off using a Velcro® strap. Hand strap adjusts to fit all sizes. This means most games can start in just seconds and cleanup is made easy.

Strengthen friendships and social and emotional skills as you carry on a conversation while throwing the ball, also enriching gross and fine motor skills. Cognitive skills stick as kids count throws, helping pre-math skills solidify!

Rainbow Set, Includes 12 paddles (2 ea color) and 6 balls.

Blue Set, Includes 2 paddles and 1 ball.

Additional Balls, Set of 3.

Ages 3 to 8.