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PEmoji Coated-Foam Balls
Rainbow Mini Beanbags
Rainbow Target Toss
Rainbow Toss-N-Chip Target Nets
Target Toss PlayPanel
Vinyl Teaching Beanbags
Little Movers Target Toss Game Pack
Bull's-Eye Velcro® Catch Set
Rainbow Catch-A-Cup Set
Rainbow Beanbag Dice
Rainbow Vinyl Beanbags
Rainbow Nylon Beanbags
Rainbow Cotton Beanbags
Rainbow Animal Beanbag Packs
Outdoor Tossing Games Pack
Beanbag Activities Pack
Qwick-Catch Set

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From balls to beanbags for kids, buy gear from Play with a Purpose to teach tossing and catching skills!

Supply kids with the tools they need to learn how to accurately throw and catch. Start by rolling a ball back and forth, then advance to target toss games that teach kids how to aim and build muscle. While playing with friends, kids refine their hand/eye coordination while also developing the muscles necessary for improving gross- and fine-motor skills. This early introduction to basic ball-handling skills also increases excitement about sports and activities among kids.

Build coordination in kids at a young age with tossing and catching games from Play with a Purpose.