Rainbow Juggling Scarves

Slow-motion juggling scarves help beginners learn juggling patterns.

Catch a rainbow while you juggle! Colorful scarves float in the air, giving students enough time to set up and achieve juggling skills in a slower learner-friendly motion. Skills translate easily to actual juggling and offer a unique activity and movement option to any child care center or classroom. Great for all ages, these nylon constructed scarfs are easy to grasp and linger in the air, easy for students to react and position their bodies. Inviting Rainbow® colors make tracking a breeze as they fly through the air. Available in multiple set sizes, these scarfs can teach large or small groups the magical art of juggling.

Cognitive and sensory development float toward success during spatial awareness and exploration of how to handle scarves, also wonderful for fine motor skills.

Constructed out of nylon. 17" x 17". Made with groups of 6 Rainbow® colors.

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