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Sensory Ball Pack
Specialty Mirror Trio
Sensory Stones

Sensory Stones

Floor Surfer
InReach Beeper Ball
InReach Bell Ball
Sensory Peanut Ball
Mirror Crawl Tunnel
Jumbo Textured-Foam Blocks
WiggleBuster Balance Discs
Balance Disc
SoftScoot Scooters
Seated Balance Board with Handles
Mirrored Triangle Tunnel
Multicolor Ball Pool
Multicolored Foam Dome
Corner Colossus Climber
School-Age Tunnel Climber
Soft Play Giant Builders' Blocks

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Shop for a variety of inclusive activities for classrooms at Play with a Purpose!

Get kids of every ability involved in classroom activities using products from Play with a Purpose. An assortment of sensory balls, balance discs, and stepping stones provide a unique and engaging experience while playing and interacting with friends. You can also introduce kids to different types of movement using scooters. Teachers can also promote cooperation and enhance communication skills while building with blocks.

Promote inclusion in the classroom with products from Play with a Purpose!