Rainbow® Hoop Activity Pack

Create targets and obstacle courses to build running, jumping, tossing and throwing, and crawling skills using a hula hoop game set.

Create endless hoop games with this versatile pack! Choose from just the hoop holders or a complete set with hoops. Simply slide hoops or wands into a sturdy tear-drop shaped slit horizontally or vertically. A fun addition to child care centers, foam HoopHolders™ offer a soft challenge to add to gym class, obstacle courses, or game to toss and catch.

Social and emotional growth soar as children work as a team to encourage and help each other navigate new challenges, also enriching fine and gross motor skills.

Complete pack includes 12 standard hoops (36" dia) and 24 holders.

Ages 2 to 12

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Rainbow® Foam Hoop Holders

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