Preschool Board Games Set

Collection of popular preschool board games keeps kids entertained on a rainy day.

Look past paper and pencils and teach skills in an exciting way…with games! Each game is designed for 2 to 4 players is ideal for promoting teamwork and the concept of winning and losing.

Scrabble Jr: Take turn learning letters! Young learners will enjoy letter matching in a non-intimidating game while spelling stars flip the word and create words against friends to earn the most points!

Candyland: Use adorable colored pieces to adventure through a yummy land to the candy finish! Color identification and counting come into play as well as learning about outcomes when getting stuck in the peanut better river!

Chutes and Ladders: Have a blast with up to 3 friends getting to the top of the board without sliding down a ladder! A great game for teaching chance and skills or winning and losing.

Connect Four: Teach colors and counting in a fast-paced game! Two kids will race against each other as they try to place circle pieces in a line of 4. Spatial awareness will be challenged as children visualize their next move.

Trouble: Two to 4 kids will stay out of trouble playing this game of getting from start to finish. Push the unique dome with enclosed die and see your turn pop. Move all of your pieces to the finish line to win!

Old Maid: Learn the basic skill of matching in a silly and fast card game! Players will race against each other as they match cards. The player left with the unmatched card "Old Maid," loses the game.

Elefun: Little learners will love the magical visuals of this sweet game. Each player uses a net and tries to catch butterflies as they flutter out of the elephant's trunk! The player with the most butterflies caught wins.

Cognitive development and social skills strengthen as children learn pre-academic skills such as matching, colors, and number identification in a movement-based environment, also enriching gross motor skills.

Ages 3 to 12

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