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KIDSFIT Youth Balance Set
Lil'Fit Gym Sets

Lil'Fit Gym Sets

Skill-Building Fitness Course
Rainbow IntroFit Conditioning Ropes
Fold and Go Trampoline
Toddler Bouncer
Rainbow IntroFit Plyo Boxes
Rainbow IntroFit Sandbags
Little Movers Yoga Pack
Standing Long Jump Mat
Rainbow IntroFit Medicine Balls
IntroFit EZ Train Kettlebells
Rainbow IntroFit Agility Ladders
IntroFit EZ Balance Stability Balls
Simply Fit Board
ClassStep Fitness Steps
Rainbow IntroFit Stability Balls
Laminar Balance Training Discs
Active Play Fitness Circuit Pack
ACTIVE! It's Your Move! Activity Set
ACTIVE! FitMatch
UltraFit EverBound Rebounder
Instrux Yoga Mat
Instrux Stretching Mat
Deluxe Padded Trampoline
Yoga Pretzels Card Set

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Safely and gradually introduce children to fitness training with equipment made just for them. Preschool and toddler fitness equipment is made of soft materials in lighter weights, allowing kids to learn proper usage and form in a non-intimidating environment. This also helps spark interest while creating a strong foundation in fitness. Some packs and sets also include easy-to-follow instruction to further enhance learning.

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