Wall-Mount Maze Panels

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Turn any blank wall into an activity center with wall mounted play panels!

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Fill up blank wall space with mazes! Meandering mazes of beads, wires, and more enhance visual tracking, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination, all while giving students movement-based fun! The Sculpture Maze is a classic design that enhances visual tracking. Focus on color recognition using the Pathfinder Mazes as hands and eyes work as a team to race and explore. Trick your eyes with the entrancing Mirror Maze, using nine spherical concave mirrors, images grow larger and smaller depending on the angle of view. Sea Life Maze bubbles water fun as children explore ocean depth and enriches logical thinking while following the path. Travel out of this world with the Outer Space Pathfinder Wall Panel! Children can explore and learn new vocabulary around the galaxy, space shuttles, shooting stars, planets, and outer space aliens as they guide the pieces along the paths. Step into the rhythm of city life with the City Maze. Push cars around the path and see new sights.

Cognitive development twist and winds toward growth as mazes help children with visual tracking skills, also enriching fine motor strength. Touching beads and concave mirrors activate sensory development and captivate learners young and old.

All mazes are made in the USA. Fully assembled. Mounts permanently on wall with the included hardware.
Sculpture: 2'x2'x4";20 lb
Pathfinder: 2'x2'x2";15 lb
Mirror Maze: 2'x2'x4";20 lb
Sea Life: 2'x2'x4";15 lb
Outer Space: 2'x2'x4";20 lb
City Maze: 27"x20"x3.5";20 lbs

Ages 2 to 8.