Mini EduBlocks and EduAnimals

Small, flexible plastic blocks work great in little hands.

Have a ball with the cutest blocks around! Snap together building blocks that are made safer for little hands without worry of snapping plastic. Add EduAnimals soft jungle animals for a roaring good play experience! Connect the blocks to the animals for instant creative play. Included storage bag makes storage a snap, ideal for busy classrooms or child care centers. Play blocks are constructed of a soft rubber making the fun for little hands.

Children can roar like a lion and build "grrr"-riffic structures, exceling fine and gross motor skills as well as dramatic play. Cognitive skills soar as kids figure out how to connect blocks and animals, encouraging each other and creating strong social and emotional connections.

Choose set of 52 Mini EduBlocks or 22 Mini EduBlocks with 6 EduAnimals.

Mini EduBlocks: 4 colors and assorted shapes. Smallest square block is 6.5 x 6.5 x 5 cm and includes a zippered storage bag for easy clean up.
52 pcs . Size: 1.5" - 3" (4 - 7.5 cm).

52 mini EduBlocks: Set of 52 with a reusable zip-tote bag.

Mini EduBlocks and EduAnimals: Set includes: 1 reusable Zip-Tote bag, 6 Jungle Animals and 22 soft Mini EduBlocks, assorted colors & sizes. Basic block size: 2-½" x 2" (6.5 x 5 cm).

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