Manipulatives Library Mega Set

Enhance fine-motor skills with this huge assortment of manipulative toys for toddlers that connect, stack, hang, and more.

Get minds and hands moving with manipulative play! Individualize packs to fit the needs of your classroom or child care center. Each set has a focus of skills such as snapping links and clicking blocks for an introduction to patterns. Made out of easy to clean plastic, simply clean with a damp cloth and avoid spreading germs. Purchase multiple packs and have ready to use table top activities!

Gross and fine motor skills soar as kids twist the Roll-N-Twist Set to make creative flexible circular shapes. Cognitive development excels during spatial awareness, dexterity, and following directions using sets such as the Criss Cross Set.

All sets made out of plastic. Mega Set Includes: Everything listed in sets 1, 2, and 3, with 12 storage bins.

Super Set Includes: Everything listed in sets 1 and 2 with 8 storage bins.

Set 1 Includes:
Snappers Set
2 x 2s Set
Star Links Set
Chain Links Set
4 storage bins

Set 2 Includes:
Roll-n-Twist Set
Click Blocks Set
Criss Cross Set
Mini Forks Set
4 storage bins

Set 3 Includes:
Trio Links Set
Kiddie Connects
Click-n-Link Set
Puzzle Pie Set
4 storage bins

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