Hollow Wood Blocks

Oversized yet lightweight hollow wooden blocks... perfect for little ones!

Big blocks for big learning! Children will love building a solid foundation with these oversized, yet easy-to-use birch plywood blocks. Seven different shapes, all with rounded edges for safety, allow kids freedom to explore and create castles, buildings, roads, and more! Each block weights 1-3 pounds, making this a safe and independent play choice for centers in the classroom or child care center.

Gross and fine motor skills soar as kids stack and rearrange blocks of different sizes, also enhancing cognitive development. Encouraging friends and waiting to use a desired block naturally strengthens social and emotional skills.

Each block is constructed in sturdy birch plywood [9 - 12mm}, securely glued and features a smooth natural finish with rounded edges. Set comes with 7 different shapes. Largest block is 15.75"L x 4"W x 8"H.

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