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SafetyClose Mat System

Starting at $349.00

Available in 2 of our most popular colors, our exclusive SafetyClose Mat System is the simplest and most effective climbing wall mat system on the market!

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See why our SafetyClose Mat System is the best you can buy:

  • It's Versatile. Dual-duty system provides landing protection when open, prevents unsupervised climbing when secured across the wall.
  • It's Functional. Wall-Closer Holds are functional climbing holds, so you won't waste valuable hold spots on unusable hardware.
  • It's Safe. Each 2" thick layered-foam mat is covered in tough 18 oz vinyl and designed specifically for climbing walls, with 1" of soft urethane for "give" and 1" of firm polyethylene to prevent bottoming out.
  • It's Simple. Loop the mat straps over the Wall-Closer Holds to temporarily close the wall between classes, then thread the cable through the holes to secure it overnight. No tools needed!
  • It's Secure. Threading the cable through the holes allows you to padlock the cable to the Wall-Closer Holds, ensuring that only authorized persons gain access.

All systems include mats with straps, Wall-Closer Holds, cable, bolts, and padlocks. Easy installation.

SPECIFY color: Royal or Red. Truck delivery.