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Rainbow SoffPlay Balls


Soft like a Gertie ball, yet durable as a playground ball for toddlers.

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    • Item No: 72-065
    • Unit: Set of 6
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Ultra-soft and rugged bouncy ball, perfect for bouncing toddlers! A unique rotomolded vinyl design is bladderless, allowing for varying of inflation due to the needs and ability of your children. The friendly rotomolded cover on these play balls and discs make them great for new and young users and a perfect substitute for intimidating harder rubber or plastic balls, wonderful for child care centers. Seam-free Rainbow-colored covers are soft and inviting while staying durable for little explorers year after year.

Sensory skills flourish during touch and exploration, also enhancing gross motor development during throwing, rolling, and catching.

Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow color. Size 8.5" dia. Ages 3 to 12.

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