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Rainbow PowerTac Volleyballs
Rainbow SoftPlay Volleyball Trainers
Therma Coated-Foam Balls
Rainbow UtilityBalls
Rainbow Playground Balls
Rainbow Rubber Basketballs
Rainbow UltraFlite Kickball
Rainbow UltraPlay UtilityBalls
Rainbow Rubber Soccer Balls
Rainbow DuraBalls
Rainbow Flex-A-Ball Balls
Rainbow SoftTail
Sensory Ball Pack
Soffplay Ball Pack
Rainbow SofTex Balls
Biggie! Football
Rainbow Biggie! Volleyball
InReach Bell Ball
Standard Inflator
Magnus Carry-All Cart with Baskets
Magnus KidKart Storage Carts
The Totemaster
Magnus Ball Cart

Magnus Ball Cart

Titan Wagon
Titan Ball Cart

Titan Ball Cart

Suncast Storage Box
Corral Ball Pool
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Buy long-lasting activity balls from Play with a Purpose for use with kids of any age!

From friendly coated-foam baby activity balls to durable inflatable balls, find them all right here at Play with a Purpose.

Our assortment of toy balls for toddlers and preschoolers encourages them to develop gross motor skills while having fun! Introduce activity balls at a young age to teach kids basic skills such as rolling, throwing, and catching. Then, move on to bouncing or hitting the balls to increase coordination. Soft sports balls serve as a fantastic introduction to sports skills. Plus, sensory-friendly balls are ideal for enriching fine motor skills while learning about different textures.

Shop for activity balls at Play with a Purpose!