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Build and Balance Set
ergoErgo Seat

ergoErgo Seat

Step Rocking Boat
Solo Carousel
Laminar Balance Training Discs
Round Seesaw
Balance and Step Alfresco Set
Sensory Peanut Ball
Multicolored Foam Dome
Jungle Trail Balance Bridges
Shyft Balance Board
Pedal Walker

Build strength and improve stability when you buy balance toys from Play with a Purpose!

When it comes to improving hand/eye coordination, visual tracking, and stability in kids—balance sets from Play with a Purpose have you covered!

A kids’ balance beam lets them learn how to steady themselves and find equilibrium while walking. Kids also build strength that will help with movement on and off a beam. Some also include textured surfaces to promote exploration of sensory input. Other amazing balance equipment for kids include stepping stones, stilts, wobble boards, and specialized seats that wobble and shift to build strength while seated.

Build necessary gross-motor skills in kids with balance sets from Play with a Purpose!