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River Stones & Hilltops Balance Set

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Kids progress from low, wide River Stones to taller Hilltops as balance skills improve.

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Go over the river and through the woods on stones toward learning! Kids will learn coordination, balance, and depth perception as they hop from stone to hilltop, great for adding variety to child care centers or classrooms! Varying heights and distances teach essential depth perception and coordination skills used in everyday motor planning. Keep kids on their toes using stones of varying sizes and shapes to naturally create total body awareness as teachers continually rearrange patterns and distances while adding hilltops to create more or less challenges. This set is made for adventure! Added rubberized texture adds grip as a rubber trim and base stabilizes stones.

Motor planning jumps and hills invigorates gross and fine motor muscle development as well as cognitive and sensory skills through navigating and exploring new paths.

Made out of polyethylene plastic with nonslip feet. Set of 6 River Stones includes 3 small (9¾"W x 1¾"H) and 3 large (14"W x 3¼"H). Set of 5 Hilltops includes 3 sizes: 14"W x 3⅜"H, 16"W x 6¾"H, and 17"W x 10"H. The complete set comes with both the River Stones and Hilltops. River Stones and Hilltops support up to 110 lb.

Ages 3 and up .