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Mirror Counting Mat
Infant Reach & Grasp Pack
1-2-3-4 Mat
See Me Picture Mat
Social Mat
Toddler Chairs

Toddler Chairs

Geo Meadow Bouncer
Space Saving Crib Dividers
Premium Germ-Control Rest Mats
Soft Tunnel Climber
Basic 3-Fold Germ-Control Rest Mats
Bye-Bye Buggy "Fat Tire" Strollers
Giant Animal Cushions
Compact Crib Mattresses
Snuggle Corner
Marshmallow Corner
Baby Corral Set
Mega Pit Play Yard
Chisholm Trail Set
Angeles SpaceLine Cots
Comfy Pillow Pack
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Buy the baby supplies needed to encourage early childhood development from Play with a Purpose!

Find the tools you need at Play with a Purpose to make the transition from tummy time and crawling to walking and climbing easy for young children. Incorporate a variety of equipment into your infant and toddler programs to promote learning and exploration during a significant time in a child’s life.

Infant and Toddler Development

The first few years of a child’s life are very important for learning necessary lifelong skills. Shop for play mats, bouncers, and reach and grab toys to promote exploration at a young age. Tummy time and push up mats help children build strength before they move on to sitting or crawling. Providers can also use colorful and engaging equipment to entice children to walk and climb.

Age-Appropriate Essentials

When you want to focus on teaching young children, it’s necessary to have supplies appropriate for that age group. Infant and toddler toys are a great tool for teaching problem solving and fine-motor skills, along with cause and reaction. You can also find strollers and furniture made specifically for young children that focus on safety.

Shop for infant and toddler supplies at Play with a Purpose!